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Celebrating Dreamaker Success

Recap from our recent pitch night: Kids Can Fly!

Our recent event, Kids Can Fly: Dream Lab Live, was an extraordinary success! On November 18th, 2016, Dream Tank 8-14 year old entrepreneurs, or Dreamakers as we call them, unveiled the dreams and designs they incubated at Dream Lab over the course of twelve weeks.

This was a kid-led, kid-inspired and created event!

Some of the amazing highlights:

DREAMINATOR - a game show created by all of the Dreamakers for the whole audience to participate in

Tank Talk: An interview and talk by a 14 year old mentor to the younger kids

Live Virtual Reality Demonstration

A Short film that intentionally included a last scene shot at the event.. with the kids who attended, and then published under pressure by 10 & 11 year olds just minutes before their presentation.. with total grace.

A Flash Mob!

Watch our video and enjoy the flight!

Thank you Impact Hub Boulder and to Alais Clay for video production.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors:

Liquid Light Project - Dara's Raw Balls - Noosa Yogurt - Boulder Organics - Rainbow Lightning

and our beloved Impact Hub Boulder!

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