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    Dream Tank’s 5 Day Accelerator is an innovator's playground and design-thinking hub where kids learn how to launch their own dreams or choose to collectively solve design challenges from real-world companies. This entrepreneurial, action-packed accelerator offers the unique opportunity for kids and teens to creatively rise to their potential, follow their dreams and launch their ideas at a pitch night to shape the future.



    • Business Ideation 
    • Logo Designing
    • Simple Website design 
    • Marketing ideation
    • Presentation design
    • Virtual Reality design building
    • Prototyping
    • Film production and editing 
    • Photography, Performance Art, Creative Expression
    • Speeches and Mentorship from local and global leaders
    • End of week Mission Launch Celebration and Pitch Night

    Dream Tank: Mission Launch is our finale of the summer accelerator, where kids get to share their ideas with the public, parents, and Impact/entrepreneurship community. Hosted at Impact Hub Boulder and Galvanize.



    June 26-June 30, 2017 - Boulder, CO
    5 Day Social Impact Accelerator


    July 17-21, 2017 - North Boulder, CO

    5 Day Social Impact Super-Accelerator

    This is a second-level accelerator for those who already have ideas and ventures they have started, or who have already gone through one of the Dream Tank programs.


    July 24-28 @ Galvanize

    5 Day Social Impact Accelerator


    Latest news, dreams, thoughts, celebrations!

  • Fly With Us

    Take a look at the world of Dream Tank™


    Dreamakers turn dreams into reality and passion into projects.

    Addison Haid and Summer Gould​

    Duct Duck Goose is a wearable art and accessory company that makes designs from duct tape.

    Minecraft Builders

    Ian Feller

    Minecraft Builders turns designs from games into inspiration for buildings in real life.

    Anya Smith, Summer Cuppari Gould

    Story Architects is a creative production company that inspires kids and adults to not wait to do what they love.

    STA produces the kid-friendly youtube channel KIDS LIFE!

    Shredder Stickers

    Bodie Fox

    Shredder Stickers is for snowboarders and skiiers alike to design their own stickers that keep track of their gear on the mountain!

    Summer Gould, Marley Lenderman, Delilah Berry, Athena



    Magic Potions

    Cable Label

    Emma Kraft

    Emma is a 12 yr old on a mission to create sustainable tech products.


    Anica Chavez-Grandits

    Anica is 11 years old and loves cats and YouTube.

    The Koala Girls

    Della B. and Sophie Feller

    Della (10) and Sophie (11) are passionate about saving the koalas.


    Matea Chavez-Grandits

    Matea is 13 years old. She loves art and creating new things.


    Embla Weibring and Maddy Barnes

    Maddy and Embla are both 10 years old. They love animals and Hamilton the musical.

    Cardboard Crafts

    Kaden Ritzer

    Kaden is 10 years old and his favorite movie is Boss Baby.

    NPK Modworks

    Nico Kadonaga

    Nico is ten years old, modifies nerf guns and is awesome.

    Dream Tank Consultant

    Ayden "Piyo" Dedrick

    Piyo is 9 years old and loves helping people and owls.

    Children for Change

    Jake Aloia

    Jake is 12 and he loves making a difference.


    Preston Ritzer

    Preston is 11 years old and he likes rainbowloom bracelets.


    We make it happen.

    Heidi Cuppari

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Heidi is a pioneer in social change finance and business. LinkedIN

    Ashley Willfire

    Co-Founder &

    Creative Director

    Ashley is a mentor, connector, and vocalist and design junkie. LinkedIN

    Dana Pauzauskie

    Founding Partner

    Dana is a bridge-builder, educator, entrepreneur and youth advocate. LinkedIN


    Dream Tank Senior Kidsultant and Dream Tank Squad Captain

    Summer is 11 years old. She loves owls, art, film, and entrepreneurship.


    Game Creator​

    Cody is 8 years old. He loves nature and sports. He mostly loves creating and leading games.

    Co-Creators & Advisors

    Council of Jedi

  • Dream Tank Fellows

    Our Fellowship Program is for students to meaningfully apply class content to a real-world startup.

    Our fellows each lead a project within Dream Tank based on interest.

    This is a unique opportunity to work on a truly intergenerational and diverse team!

    We have several fellowship positions currently available for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

    Please click here to submit your interest and learn more.

    Potter Seybolt

    Chief of Staff Fellow


    Potter Seybolt is a rising senior in the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder. He is pursuing degrees in Operations Management and Talent Management. Potter is passionate about changing the future of our world through the untapped potential of children. As a skier, biker, and environmentalist; he dreams to someday make the outdoor industry more green!

    Denise Powell

    Development & PR Fellow


    Founding Editor of The Voices Project, an online literary venue that encourages self-expression through poetry for people of all ages and backgrounds. She holds dual B.A. degrees in English and Journalism from the University of Iowa and has worked as a professional editor for higher education, fiction, and non-fiction publications in New York and elsewhere. She is currently pursing her master’s degree at the University of Colorado- Boulder in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD). She hopes to combine creative technologies and storytelling to promote positive social change.

    Vinod Malwatte

    Expansion Engineer Fellow


    Vinod is a Graduate Student at the University of Colorado, Boulder reading for a Masters in Environment with a specialization in Community Engagement and Sustainability Planning. His interests lie in the convergence of development and conservation in South Asia, from a community based approach to development. Upon graduating, he wants to move back to Sri Lanka and continue his work in environmental development and education.

    Ross Dispasquale

    Marketing Fellow


    Ross is a rising senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Strategic Communication. He is also pursuing a business minor with emphasis in Entrepreneurship through the Leeds School of Business along with a real estate certificate. His interests include snowboarding, traveling, and hiking. He plans to work in the snowboard industry one day to keep creating and innovating new equipment and mountain technology. He hopes to own his own business one day as well.

    Alex Chamberlain

    Curriculum Development Fellow


    Alex is helping develop the educational program content for the Dream Tank Accelerator as the Curriculum Fellow. She has been to many places around the world, and brings her active participation to her community in Boulder, CO where she calls home. She also works with Black Cat Farm to learn more about sustainable healthy food and local food production.

    Ayush Garg

    Mentor Coordinator


    Ayush Garg is a rising sophomore at Peak to Peak Charter School. His interests lie in the STEM fields and he hopes to utilize technology to create innovative solutions for various problems facing society. He enjoys playing tennis and spending time with friends and family. He is passionate about giving back to the community through volunteering at the local library and hospital.



    "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are kids' footsteps on the Moon!" 


    “This is the best camp I’ve ever been to! Can we come back next week?”

    “I wish it was an overnight camp, and two weeks. I think this will be a huge camp like Avid for Adventure.”


    "Thank you for the passionate and amazing gifts you shared with all of those kids. My daughter love, love, loved it. She is feeling nourished and successful at bringing herself even more out and into the world."​

    - Dream-maker Parent, Summer Accelerator 2016


    "Dream Tank is one of those special opportunities that allows kids to rise up to the challenge of creatively expressing ideas that are in their hearts and minds. They are given the perfect combination of guidance and play to allow for this beautiful transformation to occur. I was honored to be a part of their inaugural launch and gain invaluable insight from these bright kids."​

    - Pitching venture at Dream Tank: Mission Launch 2016


    "Wow!!!! what an amazing night, joy and innovation filled the Boulder Impact Hub last night. A group of brilliant children shared their ideas and their genius with an enthusiastic crowd.​"

    - Community Member, Attendee of Dream Tank: Mission Launch 2016


    We are launching additional missions.. Tell us why you're ready for the next frontier. We will follow up with the rest.

    Boulder, CO
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